Senators urge DOJ to investigate Ticketmaster

Allegations of anti-competitive behavior and consumer protection violations

A group of U.S. Senators is urging the Justice Department to investigate Ticketmaster’s business practices, citing concerns over anti-competitive behavior and potential violations of consumer protection laws.

In a letter to the Attorney General’s office, the senators said they were worried about reports that Ticketmaster has been using questionable methods to stay on top of the ticketing market. The letter was signed by Senators Elizabeth Warren, Richard Blumenthal, Amy Klobuchar, and Chris Van Hollen.

“The reports we have seen suggest that Ticketmaster has engaged in anti-competitive conduct and other practices that harm competition and consumers,” the letter reads. “These actions are of great concern, and we urge the Department to investigate them thoroughly.”

The senators wrote the letter after Ticketmaster got into a number of high-profile problems, such as being accused of raising prices and giving out tickets in an unfair way. Last year, the company had to pay $10 million to settle charges that it had hacked into a competitor’s computer system to get an unfair advantage in the market.

The senators were also worried about Ticketmaster’s use of “dynamic pricing” strategies, which can cause ticket prices to change wildly based on demand. Critics argue that this practice can unfairly drive up costs and make it difficult for consumers to know how much they will actually pay for a ticket.

“We believe that Ticketmaster’s use of dynamic pricing and other tactics may violate consumer protection laws and harm competition in the ticketing industry,” the letter reads.

Ticketmaster, owned by Live Nation Entertainment, has not yet responded to the senators’ letter. But the company has defended its business practices in the past, saying that they are legal and help customers by making the ticketing system more efficient.

The senators’ letter is just the latest sign that Ticketmaster’s business practices are getting more and more attention. In recent years, lawmakers, regulators, and consumer advocates have all raised concerns over the company’s market power and alleged anti-competitive behavior. It’s still unclear whether the Justice Department will look into Ticketmaster. Still, the senators’ letter makes it clear that pressure is mounting for the company to be held accountable for its actions.